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What age did you start skating and what age are you now? 

"I started skating at 28.  I’m 29 now."

Why did you start skating?

"Mostly it was to be able to participate in the sport with my wife.  After going to several competitions with Cynthia, and meeting adult skaters from all over the country, I found the community really friendly and welcoming.  After years of thinking about trying it out, I eventually did, and fell in love with the sport."

What level are you working on right now?

"I’m working on Adult 5/6."

What has been the most challenging part of your journey on the ice so far?

"Making the decision to actually go out and take a learn to skate class was the hardest part for me.  My previous experiences on ice had been really bad.  I pretty much ended up clinging to wall whenever I went to a public session.  The learn to skate class helped force me out of my comfort zone, and I was surprised with what I could do."

What has been the best/most rewarding/ memorable part of your journey on the ice so far?

"Getting to do my first Christmas show with Cynthia was definitely the most memorable and rewarding part so far."

What do friends and family who know you skate think about it? 

"My wife is happy that I can skate with her now, and my parents are just happy that I found a sport that I enjoy.  My co-workers are a bit surprised, though."

Have you had any injuries take place from skating on or off ice? What was it? 

"No injuries aside from a few falls here and there.  The worst falls were when practicing for the Christmas show with Cynthia."

Have you battled any other pre-existing health issues and had to learn to work around them on the ice? 

"Thankfully no pre-existing health issues that affect skating yet."

Do you compete or skate recreationally? If recreationally, have you considered competing before? If so, why did u decide against competing?

"I got to do my first competition this February!  My goal is to get to Pre-Bronze so I can compete in Adult Sectionals next year."

Would you recommend skating to other adults interested? If so, what advice would you give a new adult skater? 

"Absolutely!  My advice is that it definitely helps to skate with a group.  Also, consider buying your own skates early on, because rental skates can sometimes make for a really bad experience."

Finally, how much longer do you see yourself skating?

"Honestly, I hope I can be skating well into my 60s and beyond."

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