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New Figure Skater Help: 

Taking the ice for your first time can be exhilarating and quite scary. Before you get out there it is crucial that you know how to properly tie your skates and what clothes are appropriate to wear to be comfortable and get the most out of your first time on the ice.

First you must find the perfect skate for your foot! For rental skates, try the size closest to your shoe size on first. Depending on the brand of skate, you may need to go up or down a size to get the correct fit. Don’t be afraid to try on several different skates until you find the one that’s right for you.

Before you put your foot in the boot, be sure all the laces are loosened and the tongue is pulled back so you can slide your foot in easily. Once your feet are in the loosened boots, make sure your toes aren’t hitting the front of the skate and there is slight room for your heel. When tying your skates always start from the very bottom, pulling the laces sideways in opposite directions away from each other. The bottom of your boot should be as tight as u can comfortably make it. Once you get to the first hook, cross the laces and pull tight as you wrap the laces around each hook. You must do this step for every hook- cross, pull, wrap. Each hook is laced individually. Do not cross once and then pull your laces around all the hooks at once. This is extremely dangerous because your skate won’t be tight enough to provide you ankle support and stability. Pull as tight as you can around your ankles. Once you have gone over all the hooks and are at the top of the skate, simply tie a bow like a normal tennis shoe at the top.

Stand up now and try walking around. Ask yourself questions like

  • Can I walk in these without my ankles falling in or out?

  • Does my skate rub anywhere that could be uncomfortable while I’m skating?

  • Do I have room in my toes to wiggle them freely?

If you feel good about your skates- You’re ready to go!

Dress Code:

  • Start with picking the socks you will be wearing. Choose long, soft socks that are thick in case your skates rub your skin. (You can bring blister bandaids to protect any areas that might get irritated from your boots. )

  • Wear long stretchy pants that reach your ankle and will dry fast if you fall on wet ice.

  • Choose a long sleeve shirt that is form fitting but not restrictive so you can have full range of motion while you are skating.

  • Bring a warm jacket and a pair of gloves.

  • Girls should secure their hair away from their face and wear no jewelry that could get lost or broken on the ice.​

Adult Skating:

Adult Skating is an important and exciting field of Figure Skating. It's growing popularity has many people asking "Just how old is TOO old to skate?" 

Below is information and a video of my opinion on that particular question!

Beginners Guide: Text


This is what I carry with me everyday to the rink! Hopefully this gives you some ideas of what you can pack for yourself!

Beginners Guide: Video
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