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Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes with Disney on Ice is many things, laughter, hard work, pressure, family, and fun all come to mind for me. It is 100% a group effort and no princess is the star. We are all treated equally and valued for our unique abilities. Every person whether it be an FCP worker, crew, or cast member is on a mission to complete a show with as few hiccups as possible.

Makeup Rooms

Makeup rooms are where the cast will go to get ready for each show before putting on their costumes. This is where skaters will do make-up, put on their show laundry and just relax in between roles and shows. This is also where line captains will host the pre-show meeting before each show. Makeup rooms are separated by gender. 



Lockboxes are special crates that will be packed up after the last show of each city to be traveled by the crew. These hold your makeup bags, robe, and anything else you will want to keep together for the next cities shows.


Skate Crate

The skate crate is where you will pack your skates up to be traveled from city to city. This is optional, however. Many times on tour I decided I would want to skate in the next city I went to at a local public rink, so I would travel my skates in my suitcase.


Coffee Stand 

Coffee stand is usually traveled by skaters or crew to be a nice option to grab a quick bite in between shows or roles during a show. The coffee stand will be set up in one of the backstage rooms in the venue for skaters to pay for snacks should they not have some with them.

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