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I worked for the big mouse and can personally tell you all- it rocks! Many people, upon finding out that I worked for such an exciting company ask me how I got into it. There aren't Competitions you have to participate in to get thrown in this show but there is a heavy audition process and of course many, many, many years of training involved.

The truth about skating for this company is that its a lot of hard work, passion, strength and grit. You need to be capable of spending massive time away from you home with little breaks. You need to be very in shape and an accomplished skater. Most of all, you need to be confident in your performance skills. Being able to play any character is crucial to skating for this company.


Come Thursday (occasionally sooner in the week depending the show schedule for that city) skaters will get ready for "opening night". This is the day that around middle afternoon everyone will walk or drive to the venue, get their makeup spot organized do warm p and head on the ice for "class". Class is done once a week to create community and a chance for all the skaters to come together and be on the ice at the same time. Usually one skater or group of skaters will lead everyone in doing edges, turns, and other footwork. After class everyone will get their skates off and chill until time to get ready for the show.

With my show and many others, skaters and crew travel on planes and buses. We start our new city on Sunday after the last show. Everyone will pack up their 2 suitcases and carry-on bags, step on the bus and head to their next stop. Usually arriving at night or very early the next morning, skaters unload the bus and find their hotel room and roommate. Monday-Wednesday are normally considered "days-off" for the skaters. Days-off allow athletes to relax, hang out with each other and site see the city.

An hour before show time there is a cast and crew meeting where the show director will give an opening night speech and talk about issues and concerns for this venue. This is done because every venue is slightly different. Some differences can be ice size, quality and shape. After the meeting skaters will go get show laundry which is worn underneath every costume to preserve them and allow them to last. Once in their show laundry they put makeup on and tie a robe around themselves until their first number. On time for their number the skaters will walk to the costume room, get into their assigned costume and head out to the ice.


Most people don't realize but in Disney on Ice, one skater can play many different parts in the show. For instance, I played 5 characters in my show. That meant lots of running back and forth and making quick changes. During a show when a skater is not on the ice they can be hanging out in the makeup rooms or at "coffee stand". Coffee stand is a food service provided by and for cast and crew. All throughout the show skaters must be ready- meaning skates and show laundry on- in case of emergency and they need someone to fill a role last minute. This is also a reason why its crucial for every skater to memorize lots of different spots in all the numbers (even if its not in that skaters track). A track is a list of all the roles ad characters each skater plays every show-unless going in for an understudy or special circumstance.

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