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Disney On Ice skaters, cast and crew are always having fun. Being around each other for so long, these co-workers become more than that, they become family. On tour fun is more than abundant!

    Beginning of tour party

    The beginning of year party is put together by your tours director. This party is extremely fun and will allow you to get to know your new co-workers; It also marks the end of your tour rehearsals. Rehearsals are where skaters learn the show numbers choreography. You can expect lots of pictures to be taken and fun foods and drinks! 

Fall Stickers

    A fun tradition Disney skaters have is to put 5$ towards the end of year party for every fall they take during a show. When you fall you must put a Disney sticker on the sticker poster in your makeup room and Venmo your line captain 5$. This leads to a great end of year party and is a silly tradition many shows participate in!

Sticker Mirrors

    Another fun tradition skaters have is when they are put in a role they have never done before in a show, to put the sticker of that character on their mirror in the makeup room. It’s so rewarding and exciting to look over all your stickers before each show and remember why you love doing what you do!

End of tour party

    On the last stop of your tour you will be invited to the end of year party. This is a super fun celebration and recognition of a tour well done. It is usually everyone going to a fun place and spending time together making memories. This was a big highlight of my tour. For mine we went to a beach in Long Beach California and spent the day there playing together and just hanging out.

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