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The basics of jumping can easily be taught off ice first to safely create muscle memory without the speed and added danger of the ice and blades under your feet. 

Key Takeaways: Rotation, Power and Quickness

Rotation Exercises:

1. Pop ups to 2 foot landing

2. Pop ups to 1 foot landing 

3. Quarter rotation jumps

4. Half rotation jumps

5. Three quarter jumps

6. Single rotation jumps 

7. Double rotation jumps

Quickness Exercises:

1. Grapevines

2. Side hops

3. Quick runs

4. Quick one foot hops 

5. Quick skips

6. Donkey kicks

7. Quick steps

Power Exercises:

1. One foot power jumps

2. Two foot power jumps

3. Scissor feet

4. Ski Steps

5. High knees 

6. Tuck jumps

Off ice jumps add on: Text
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