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Off Ice Training

To start the off ice rotation begin with your feet parallel and hip width apart. Arms should be out and used to initiate power of rotation. Learn more about how your arms help you jump here. Finally, be sure your knees are bent over your toes and your nose is inline with your belly button. 

Jump up and snap your feet and arms to their rotating position, being sure your body is aligned over your rotational axis. You will know if you have done this correctly if you are straight in the air. 

To add rotation there are several off ice tools you can use to practice squeezing and rotating faster. To learn more about off ice jumps click here. Finally, prepare to land. Checkout your jump to quickly halt your rotation. To checkout simply open up your arms and legs with your free side coming out in front of your nose and your rotational side behind you. 

To learn more about the 4 parts of jumps click here.

Here are some key things to think about:

  • Tight feet

  • Mummy arms

  • Straight head

  • Weight over your rotational axis

  • Arms "above water" throughout jump 

  • Tight core throughout jump

  • Prepare for checkout 

  • Expect to land

Double rotation: Text

Off ice double flip

Double rotation: Video
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