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What age did you start skating and what age are you now? 

“I started at 27 and am now 29!”

Why did you start skating? 

“I wanted to as a kid but was never able to. Some dreams never die.”

What level are you working on right now?

“Freeskate 1"

What has been the most challenging part of your journey on the ice so far?

“Not being angry with myself when I see others progress quicker than I do.”

What has been the best/most rewarding/ memorable part of your journey on the ice so far?

“There’s not one specific thing. I think every time I manage to do something I didn’t think I’d be able to, it really amazes me.”

What do friends and family who know you skate think about it? 

“They think it’s awesome, and even try to take the time to come skate with me!”

Have you had any injuries take place from skating on or off ice? What was it? 

“Nothing more than bruises so far. I think the worst thing that happened was when I fell and had the bak of my blade land right in the middle of my booty, that’s definitely not a pleasant spot to get a bruise.”

Have you battled any other pre-existing health issues and had to learn to work around them on the ice? 

“I’m lucky that I haven’t skating did encourage me to get contacts for the first time though! (I’ve worn glasses since I was 8, so it was a big deal!”

Do you compete or skate recreationally? If recreationally, have you considered competing before? If so, why did u decide against competing?

“I don’t currently compete. I love to perform, but I get awful competition anxiety so I tend to avoid doing competitions of any sort. At least as a solo competitor, put me with a group and I’m totally happy to compete!”

Would you recommend skating to other adults interested? If so, what advice would you give a new adult skater? 

“Absolutely! Skating is fun, challenging, beautiful and powerful! It’s definitely worth it! As for advice, the one thing I would definitely say I wish I’d known starting off: get skates that fit, and make sure you find out what fitting should feel life. It’s definitely important, and I have learned this lesson the VERY hard way.”

Finally, how much longer do you see yourself skating?

“As long as I am physically able to. Not skating now would be like taking away an organ.”

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