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Below is a Q&A with adult skaters from my rink to help you navigate your own path in figure skating! 

Adult skaters are multiplying into an amazing and powerful group of athletes. Speaking as one myself now, the stigma associated with adult skaters are far out and hurtful. Like anything in life you should never let age hold you back! 

The people who will progress the quickest are going to be the ones with an athletic background. Perhaps, in dance or gymnastics. Even if it has been a long time since, having some amount of coordination is key to picking up Figure Skating. 

I personally have seen many adults pick up skating for loved ones. Having someone you know encourage and help along the way is incredibly inspiring. Many parents choose to learn to skate because their child is in LTS classes. Skating is a beautiful way to bring people together for fun. That is why I believe no one should ever let their age hold them back.

If you have underlying medical conditions be cautious and consult your physician before taking the ice. Be safe, have fun!

Adult US Figure Skating Opportunities

Adults can take introductory lessons and classes. As well as test their levels, compete in non-qualifying competitions, and qualifying competitions. Qualifying competitions can take an adult to Cities, States and Countries they have never been.  

Adult Skating: Text

Testimonials and FAQ's

Hear from 6 real Adult Skaters about their Journey on the Ice!

Adult Skating: Pro Gallery
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