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What age did you start skating and what age are you now? 

“Started skating at age 7, currently 32!”

Why did you start skating? 

“There was a rink in my local mall and I enjoyed the feeling of gliding and had fun counting the amount of times I fell while pushing my skills. The number of falls was quite high in the first few public sessions.”

What level are you working on right now?

“Level 4 spins and Double-double jump combos."

What has been the most challenging part of your journey on the ice so far?

“Keeping a balance of life obligations such as a demanding work schedule and family with the amount of time I need to devote to being competitive at my level (Masters Intermediate-Novice). I also must be keen on listening to what my body is telling me day to day because as an Adult the aspect of over-training can creep up on me in a different way than it can when I was younger, but that is just the reality of biology.”

What has been the best/most rewarding/ memorable part of your journey on the ice so far?

“i have many through the years but the best is sharing my passion of skating with my husband and other adults. It is an individual sport but my best memories are when I was sharing with others.”

What do friends and family who know you skate think about it? 

“My family doesn't think much of it since I did it as a kid, so...not a huge shocker. The friends I made in Huntsville thinks it's cool.”

Have you had any injuries take place from skating on or off ice? What was it? 

“Plenty through the years but I have one permanent injury/condition I discovered via skating in a fluke accident 1 year ago called Dietrich's disease, also known as avascular necrosis of the metacarpal head. It is a pretty rare condition that limits my right index fingers mobility and strength. The condition has made area tender from the joint damage so I always wear a gel pad in my glove's palm over the index finger area just in case.”

Have you battled any other pre-existing health issues and had to learn to work around them on the ice? 

“When I returned to the ice as an adult I discovered I have exercise & allergy induced Asthma and every season it got worse. I am on medication and on my way to managing it with a weekly on-going allergy shot treatment.”

Do you compete or skate recreationally? If recreationally, have you considered competing before? If so, why did u decide against competing?

“I have competed as an adult at the national level starting at age 29. The competitive Adult community are the greatest motivators and most supportive group of people you can be around. I miss the supportive atmosphere in the years I skip due to health or life reasons but the community is very understanding – we keep in touch around country and the world.”

Would you recommend skating to other adults interested? If so, what advice would you give a new adult skater? 

“I would definitely suggest figure skating to others. I know it has helped friends of mine with lower back pain because the motions are therapeutic while building muscle to ease the lower spine. It is also a creative outlet to express yourself with routines of your own unique style. Going out on the rink is a mental breakaway from life that helps mental Its a workout with out really feeling it is one.... that is my favorite part and it has kept me in tip top shape well into my Adult years. I recommend giving it a try in a group setting with other adults and trust yourself. Skating really is a journey of self discovery regardless of age.”

Finally, how much longer do you see yourself skating?

“As long as I physically can.”

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