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What age did you start skating and what age are you now? 

“18, 20 now.”

Why did you start skating? 

“I was actually really bored and sad my freshman year of college so I took up this, learning Russian, and calligraphy.”

What level are you working on right now?

“I’m honestly not sure and can’t remember the last time I tested haha. I’m working on single axel and starting double salchow.”

What has been the most challenging part of your journey on the ice so far?

“The hardest thing is not being too hard on myself for messing up or not progressing how I think I should.”

What has been the best/most rewarding/ memorable part of your journey on the ice so far?

“The best part is meeting such great people and making lifelong friends!”

What do friends and family who know you skate think about it? 

“They think it’s really neat and that I’ve made a lot of progress.”

Have you had any injuries take place from skating on or off ice? What was it? 

“I’ve nearly broken my wrist from the hockey stop.”

Have you battled any other pre-existing health issues and had to learn to work around them on the ice? 


Do you compete or skate recreationally? If recreationally, have you considered competing before? If so, why did u decide against competing?

“I skate recreationally and I may want to compete at some point but I don’t really think I’m at the skill level right now to compete. ”

Would you recommend skating to other adults interested? If so, what advice would you give a new adult skater? 

“I definitely would!! Everybody is so friendly and supportive of one another and some of my best friends I’ve met through skating. It’s also very stress relieving. I would advise new skaters to just get out there and try even if they don’t think they’ll be good. I find that most people do better than they think they can if they put the effort in.”

Finally, how much longer do you see yourself skating?

“I see myself skating for as long as I am able to skate!”

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