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Ice Skates


I would recommend that new skaters first of all make sure they have the right gear (properly fitted skates, gloves, warm clothing, knee/butt pads if desired), and to not be afraid of falling or looking stupid. I’m aware that that’s much easier said than done, but I find that getting over any fears or reservations I may have had allowed me to progress much faster than I otherwise would have. Getting on the ice is always really scary the first few times since you’re balanced on a super thin blade on slippery ice, and when even gliding a little is difficult, the idea of trying to jump or spin is practically unimaginable. Yet, a lot of moves in skating can be done by just ignoring the fear and going for it one hundred percent. It’s absolutely terrifying, but so worth it when you can finally nail down a move. I spent a lot of time in the corner of public sessions attempting various moves and falling a lot, but overcoming any fear of falling and embarrassing myself in front of people allowed me to practice relentlessly in public sessions, ultimately culminating to me landing all of my single jumps within a span of two weeks. 
I plan to keep skating through college if possible, and for as long as I can after that. It’s such a rewarding sport and I’d like to keep going for as long as I still enjoy it

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