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What age did you start skating and what age are you now? 

“I started skating at age 6.I did the learn to skate and ended up getting a private coach. I competed for several years. But at the beginning of middle school I had to quit. I took about a 15 year break lol and started back at age 28!”

Why did you start skating? 

“I started skating because of Michelle kwan in the olympics. I always loved watching the figure skating and eventually my parents signed me up!”

What level are you working on right now?

“I think I’m working on freestyle 3 or 4 .. I honestly can’t remember because I haven’t been tested in a while.”

What has been the most challenging part of your journey on the ice so far?

“The most challenging part on the ice for me is working full time and not being able to practice as much as I’d like. And also getting frustrated because I pretty much had to start all over and was not where I was when I quit. But practice makes progress!!”

What has been the best/most rewarding/ memorable part of your journey on the ice so far?

“The most rewarding is just being able to skate and accomplish things I didn’t think I’d be able to do again! Also the friends I’ve been able to make while skating!”

What do friends and family who know you skate think about it? 

“My friends and family think it’s pretty cool that I skate. Some of my friends even want to go skating with me!”

Have you had any injuries take place from skating on or off ice? What was it? 

“I haven’t had really any injuries from skating besides pulling muscles or really bad bruises. But I have broken my ankle before , just did not do it skating on or off ice!”

Have you battled any other pre-existing health issues and had to learn to work around them on the ice? 

“I was born with a heart defect- a whole in my heart. And I had heart surgery when I was about 25. My life has considerably changed for the better since the surgery. When I was a child, I was have TIA’s which is similar to having a stroke. And I would have those every couple of months. I was always afraid to have an episode on ice... or even during the other sports I placed. Now I just get out of breath a lot easier than I should. But time will make that better!”

Do you compete or skate recreationally? If recreationally, have you considered competing before? If so, why did u decide against competing?

“I did compete for several years and I loved it! I want to say I was intermediate level when I quit.”

Would you recommend skating to other adults interested? If so, what advice would you give a new adult skater? 

“Yes I would totally recommended skating. I would just let them know it takes lots of practice and have courage in yourself. You will surprise yourself with the things you end up doing that you probably didn’t think you’d be able to. It’s very rewarding! ”

Finally, how much longer do you see yourself skating?

“I see myself skating for a very long time, hopefully!”

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