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Audition Process

Skaters interested in performing for Disney On Ice need a few things before they are ready to hit the road...

  1. Audition video submission

  2. Portfolio with current headshots 

  3. Live Audition with Judy Thomas (casting director) if possible


Your audition video should include your most impressive Jumps, Spins, Footwork, pair elements, and specialty acts. Videos from your old competitions and show numbers are also welcome. They want to get to know you and your style of skating so choose numbers to represent your personality. If you do not jump you can indicate that in your portfolio. Disney On Ice is a wide variety show so it's common that you can be hired even if you don't jump or spin- if your expertise is impressive in other areas. Your audition video should be no more than 6 minutes in length. Make it short and sweet. You can put music behind your elements to give it a more interesting effect. Be sure to record clips in landscape mode so when they look over your video they can clearly see your body, face, moves, and expression. The higher your level the more attention they will pay you when reviewing your submission so pass as many Moves In The Field, Freestyle, Dance, or/and Pairs tests as you can. Skating ability is important but remember to show them your ability to play a character! They want to see you shine!

Your portfolio is a list of all achievements in and outside of skating. First list your personal information like your full name, birth date, size, and weight. Then list your Competitive history, Moves In The Field level, Freestyle level, Honorable mentions, and any show you may have performed in at your local rink. You may also list past or current jobs you work and any hobbies you have. You also should indicate your education level and the year you graduated from high school (which is required). Finally, add pictures of you. You should include one nice headshot, a few of you performing skating moves, and a few more in street clothes so they get a solid idea of your look.

The "Live Audition" is an audition program that will be performed in front of Judy Thomas who is the talent director for Disney On Ice. Judy may contact you through email and ask for this once she receives your audition video and portfolio. These events take place twice yearly. Once at a "Pro skater Event" in Sun Valley, Idaho, and another in Knoxville, Tennessee. These events generally take place in the summer. Several show directors including Judy Thomas come to scout out potential future skaters. Other professional directors come to Pro skater events to get an idea of who is looking to be hired for an ice show. Be prepared with at least 5 headshots and portfolios to pass out to the show directors before your performance. After your live audition, you will be contacted whenever there is an opening in a show she wants you to be in. For me, I got an email from her 1 month after my live audition and was on tour the following month. This can vary depending on the need for skaters and rollover from past seasons.

If you live out of the US or can't attend a Pro Skaters event there are other ways to have a live audition that Judy may request if she likes you. Normally this is done by having an audition at the arena nearest to you when one of the Disney shows comes close by.

You may send your resume and audition video to- 

Ice Creative Casting
Attn: Lisa Scuffell
800 Feld Way
Palmetto, FL 34221


Lisa Scuffell, Talent Manager:
Judy Thomas, Talent Director, Production Coordinator:

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