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Top notch skaters:

    Disney On Ice is a high caliber show that employs the most elite skaters from all over the world. Although they don't require any particular skating elements, you should try to be the most well rounded, accomplished skater you can.


    Work to get consistent through at least single axel. From my experience this is the bare minimum jump you must have. Most skaters will have doubles and triples so learn as much as you can about jumping to have a better chance at being selected to join the cast. It is important to take as many Freestyle tests as possible. Me, as well as many of my former Co-athletes were Gold Medalists in Freestyle.


    You need to have a working knowledge of spinning and have several unique spins that show great speed and flexibility. Unique, beautiful and long held positions are great crowd pleasers so be prepared with a few of your favorites for the audition!

Moves In the Field:

    All Disney skaters have extremely good turns, edges and footwork!

You need to have as many tests passed as possible. Me, as well as many of my former co-athletes were Gold Medalists in Moves In The Field. 


    Pairs is extremely important to make Disney On Ice magical. To be considered for a lead role such as a principal or understudy for a Prince or Princess you must have pair or dance experience. Again, You should pass as many tests as you can in partner work whether it be pairs or dance. If you choose to learn lifts, they will pay close attention to your adagio skills. Adagio skills are pair/partner work specific to show skating. These kind of lifts include Plaza, Detroiter, Sit lift, Drape, Etc. There are also adagio spins and low lifts that can be found with a quick YouTube search. 

    Having experience with Synchronized skating is unique and important to Disney On Ice because group ensemble numbers rely heavily on spacial awareness, blocking and lines.

Theatre On Ice is a great introduction to show skating and teaches team work. 

Showcase performances from competitions are valuable to Disney On Ice as it teaches you to perform in front of crowds alone and teaches acting skills. 

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